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From: Tim Evanson (
Subject: (GAY) Help solve Billy London's murder
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Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Date: 2003-11-16 04:41:57 PST

Thirteen years ago (Oct. 29, 1990) Bill Newton -- aka Billy London, gay porn
star -- was found brutally murdered and decapitated in Hollywood.  Though
possible suspects were identified and investigated, no arrest was ever made.
His killer remains free.  It is very possible someone in the local gay
community holds the answer to this unsolved murder.

The family and friends of Bill Newton are seeking to reactivate his case
with the support of the Los Angeles Police Department.  If you have any
information regarding this crime please call the PRIVATE INVESTIGATION CALL
CENTER at 310-463-5882.  Your call will be processed by a volunteer
investigator and all credible leads will be turned over to law enforcement.
Or you may call LAPD Homicide Detectives directly at the numbers provided
below.  Please help bring the murderer of Bill Newton to justice.

Private Investigation Call Center: 310-463-5882
LAPD Homicide Detectives: 213-485-6410
LAPD Hollywood Tip Hotline: 213-485-9168


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